8 Upcoming future technology in India -
8 Upcoming future technology in India -
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8 Upcoming future technology in India

“We can say that these days we depend on technology for even doing the simplest thing and with years and decades it has reached quite a stable position.

Now and then we hear about some new kind of technology is being developed.

As dependency on technology has increased it has led to the invention of more and more advanced technologies.”

Here we are going to know and discuss a little more about some of the amazing upcoming season future technology.

To start with, an upcoming technology in India is –

8 Upcoming future technology in India


1. Artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning.

Over the years it has become extremely popular and has affected the lives of the people.

Knowing and learning about this technology can help in getting a better job. AI has proved to be beneficial in all fields.

Machine learning and natural language process are ways to train a machine to learn human Language. This will help in inputting the decision.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

Cloud Service

2. Next comes the cloud service.

 Most of us know how integral cloud service has become.

It mostly provides the recovery of data.

But it also prevents data leakage and cyber attacks.

Because of cloud services, data has become more and more flexible as it can be used and accessed from anywhere.

All these processes, maintenance, and management of data are done by cloud service.

According to many experts’ reports, the public cloud service will shortly reach almost three hundred billion dollars.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

8 Upcoming future technology in India

3.5G has to be the next one.

This fifth-generation cellular data will change the world with its high-speed connectivity with the help of high-frequency waves.

The development of 5G has begun in many parts of the world and it’s yet to reach India.

It has a very short wavelength which helps in transferring data at a very high speed. With the building of all the necessary infrastructure, 5g will soon be available and used by people.

8 Upcoming future technology in India


4. Quantum computing is the next one.

It is the next generation computer or supercomputer.

It has heavy input and high and complicated tasks are not a problem anymore as it’s because of this quantum computing.

Encrypted data can be very effortlessly decrypted using this supercomputer. Already the biggest organizations in the world are currently working on it.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

8 Upcoming future technology in India


Should be in the next position which he considered a breakthrough in the field of genetic engineering.

Clustered Regulatory Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats is its fill the form.

It has to do a lot and play a vital role in preventing genetic defects or any upcoming genetic diseases.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

Businessman using tablet analyzing sales data and economic growth graph chart. Business strategy. Abstract icon. Digital marketing.

6. Internet of Behaviours (IoB).

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) has to be another upcoming technology which is the collection and use of data to drive behaviors.

It has the capacity of gathering, processing mass data from various and different sources including citizen data which is processed by public sectors, public sector, social media, public domain, and also location tracking.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

8 Upcoming future technology in India

7. Tactile Virtual Reality is another one.

This virtual reality of AR and VR immerses the user to another simulated surrounding or environment. According to reports, VDR will increase severalfold in all sectors of entertainment by 2022.

As we know hearing or seeing things doesn’t give us a deep understanding as touch does. So here comes the tactile virtual reality.

It has the combination of various types of machines or technologies like advanced optics, sensors which help the user to not only see things but feel them.

8 Upcoming future technology in India

8 Upcoming future technology in India

8. Human augmentation.

It is another territory of technology that is emerging in recent times. This means taking human intelligence to the next level.

Currently, it’s racing towards disabled people to help them with their disabilities and curing sickness.

But the long-term aim and goal are to end the existence of any physical disabilities and sickness.

They are not concentrating on bionics and prosthetic augmentation and remedying illness by experimenting with genes.


Technology has always been anyway making things easier in our day to day but now it’s taking control to end all kinds of physical problems and ease our every task.


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