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Microsoft Windows 10

A General Questions About Microsoft Windows 10

Faq.1 What is Microsoft Windows 10?
Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows operating system. It is based on the Windows

8.1 platform that it replaces, but it offers many more of the comforts available to you with
Windows 7. Many may have already upgraded to Windows 10 at home or purchased a new
computer with Windows 10 on it. While it is different, the new functionality and navigation of
Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7, including the classic start menu, right-click contextual
menus, and minimize, maximize, and close buttons available just as they were in Windows 7.

Faq.2 How will I benefit from the transition to Windows 10?

There are several benefits to upgrading to Windows 10:
1. With a new computer, running Windows 10 will utilize all of your new computer’s resources
and make it run better—new computers are built to run the newest operating systems.
2. With the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend, Windows 10 is designed to integrate the
Windows environment across multiple devices. There are numerous features built into the
new operating system to allow more functionality on mobile devices such as laptops,
tablets, and smartphones.
3. Your computer will be fully supported by Microsoft and more secure from new threats and
malware or virus infections for its entire lifespan.

Faq.3 Will there be a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of Windows 10 available?

No. We have been installing Windows 7 64-bit on campus computers for a while now and most
are using the 64-bit version without issue. From the client’s perspective (you), the 64-bit
operating system is faster and doesn’t differ noticeably from the 32-bit version of the operating
system. Newly purchased computers will not be able to run 32-bit Windows. If there is hardware
or software used for a primary business function that requires a 32-bit operating system, OTS can
configure an existing Dell computer with Windows 7, but your department should start planning
to replace the incompatible hardware or software before Windows 7 is retired in 2019.

Faq.4 What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems?

The 64-bit version of Windows uses system resources, e.g. memory, more effectively than a 32-
bit system. In general, your computer will boot up faster and process commands quicker in 64-
bit. All computers sold in stores come with the 64-bit operating system and it has been the
Towson standard since the introduction of Windows 7.

Faq.5 What is different between Windows 7 and Windows 10?

The biggest difference is the new Start menu. It has a totally different look, but it still offers you
access to all of your applications, computer settings, and power options for shutting down or
logging off. It allows you to use tiles to have easy access to your most frequently used programs
and files. You can arrange the tiles however you like and you can even remove them all if you
don’t like them. Windows 10 also includes the all new Edge browser. This is Microsoft’s fastest
and most secure browser.

Faq.6 Why do I have to have to Windows 10 on my new computer? Why can’t I use Windows
Intel has changed processors. With the newest operating system, we receive full support from
Microsoft and Microsoft’s continued efforts to fix issues and improve the functionality of the
operating system. Once a previous operating system starts to lose the focus and support from
Microsoft, it puts you and the university at risk. Microsoft only provides limited support for
previous generations of operating systems. Support for Windows 7 began to be reduced by
Microsoft in January 2015, and full lifecycle phase-out is expected in January 2020.

Faq.7 What are Start menu tiles?

The Start menu in Windows 10 allows you to use tiles to have easy access to your most
frequently used programs and settings. You can arrange the tiles however you like and you can
even remove them altogether if you don’t like them. Some tiles are active and offer you up to the
minute information, such as weather.

Faq.8 What is Cortana?
Cortana is a digital assistant who will help you search your computer and the web. She is sort of
similar to Siri or Hey Google, which you may have used on your mobile devices. She can tell you
about the weather or traffic, give you stock market updates, answer questions, and even tell

Faq.9 What is the difference between Internet Explorer and Edge?
Edge is Microsoft’s newly designed web browser for Windows 10. It is Microsoft’s fastest and
most secure browser, and it features the ability to annotate web sites and share pages with your
annotations. Your computer will still have Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, so you can
continue to use whatever browser you prefer.

Faq.10 Can documents be saved and available on OneDrive or on other cloud storage services?

Every faculty and staff member has access to OneDrive for Business, which allows documents to
be saved and accessed from anywhere. We do not recommend using any other cloud storage.
Every faculty and staff member also has access to Virtual Workspace which can be used to access
personal H: drives and departmental O: drives. Virtual Workspace is secured by our own security
protocols, and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Faq.11 What’s new in the Settings menu?

The Settings menu lets you adjust a wide variety of settings on your computer, such as
personalizing your desktop background, menu colors, screen savers, and the languages your
computer recognizes. You can also see your display settings, internet connection, and turn on
accessibility options like the screen reader or high-contrast mode. The settings menu does not
replace the Control Panel, it is designed to make it easier to access the settings that you may want
to adjust, while the Control Panel is for more behind the scenes features that OTS may need to

Faq.12 Is it true I don’t have to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the login or unlock screen on my

Yes. When your computer is locked or not logged in, you can hit any key or click the mouse to
bring up the login screen. When you are logged on to the computer, you can stil use Ctrl-AltDelete to lock your computer, sign out, or change your password.

Faq.13 Do I have to sign up for Hotmail, SkyDrive, etc. when setting up my Microsoft Account?

No. While you can use your Microsoft Account to sync with and use other Microsoft services like
Hotmail and SkyDrive, you are not automatically signed up or required to sign up for any
additional services.

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